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  Clans - What is a Clan?

A Clan... "A group of families with a common ancestor or a close group."

In this case 'Half-Life' is the ancestor and generaly it is friends who form the Clan.

There are many clans in the gaming universe... Half-Life has a lot of Clans that go to war with each other in a virtual environment. Using the internet as a communications tool to bring it all together. There are also clans who fight it out in LAN [Local Area Network] deathmatches.

Clan life is good... generally you will find clans made up of closely nit friends who play Half-Life, they get together and challange other clans.

Teamplay is the key. Stick together and defend an area of a map is normally the tactic. There are a lot of first rate maps to have a go with too.

I'm a member of the [SnarkS] we war most nights with other clans that want to prove who's best. Check out ClanBase and you can Visit the [SnarkS] web page.

Anyone can form a clan... you just need commited members with good skills. Head over to ClanBase and find out more.

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