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  Multiplayer - What is it all about?

• Do you ever feel like acquiring a 'Big Gun' and then running around killing people? Ahhhh... I thought as much!

• Had enough of the AI [Artificial Intelligence] in single player Half-Life?

• Fancy kicking some ass with your mates?

• Away from sanity of everyday-life!

These are just a few of the reasons that I could think of, that got me into Deathmatching, Team Games, Team Fortress Classic [TFC], Action Half-Life, Counter Strike... The list is endless.

If you have Half-Life and a your willing to give up normal sleeping patterns, large sums of money for 'phone bills, friends etc... continue reading, I will teach you how to do it.

If your already an active Deathmatcher... This section of the site is for you too. Improve your skills and kick ass.

One of the reasons [I stress 'one' because there is so many] that Half-Life is such a brilliant game is the Multiplayer aspect. You can log-on to one of a thousand different servers with some of the thousands... probably millions of different people from around the globe. Kill them all if your good enough.
Follow my guide and get started today.

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