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"The Dark Side" I love it when your asked.... "How do you do it?" Specially on a 56K. Well... I'll be writing a guide to help you get your skills in shape soon. Look out for it. In the meantime... check it out.
Level of the Year (lol): Fatal Curves
  Level of the Week!  

Level of the year aims to introduce you to mappers, new ideas and different ideas so you can get the best in your mods. Also to build your collection of Multiplayer Maps.
Fatal Curves is this weeks Level. Read my review here.
(It got renamed Level of the Year because the site hasn't been update in four years!)
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  An update and a real domain!
Half-Life Fusion & HLCU


Action Half-Life 3.55 Test
Golden Eye 1.5 Released
WorldCraft 3.3 Released

Firearms 2.0 & Fix

Half-Life Star Wars Shutdown?
  Saturday, December 4, 2004

An update and a real domain!
|11:15 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

This is the first update to this site since mid 2000, which makes it over four years since I've maintained this site. I got a real domain for the site hlcu.com (and .co.uk) and it will remain active indefinitely.

A lot happens in four years, I doubt very much if this site will ever seen any new content becuase I just don't have the time to maintain or add more to it. Not that there is much point because Half-Life 2 is now available which kind of makes this site an archive of what has gone before.

I certainly had a lot of fun learning with this site and enjoying the contact it gave me with other fans of Half-Life etc.

I've updated all the e-mail links to my current e-mail so if people feel the need to contact me feel free. I will stress that my junk/spam filters are very strong and 99% of any web-based e-mail addresses are deleted before they reach my inbox. I block over 500 spams a day, so if you're going to mail me please do it from a non web based address.

I've fixed a lot of broken links that have appeared in the four year period the site has been dormant.

If you haven't seen or played Half-Life 2 then your missing out on the best game made to date... go here now and get it!

  Sunday, July 2, 2000

Half-Life Fusion & HLCU!
|3:31 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

You may have noticed that the Half-Life control Unit hasn't been getting much attention of late... well you can find out why here. This link will take you to Half-Life Fusion on the Gaming Fusion Network.

As you will be able to see I'm the webmaster for this new site. I will be moving my roll here to Half-Life Fusion! Its time to make a big splash in the community and Half-Life Fusion is going to be the big stone to do it!

So what does that mean for the HLCU? Well you who have been to this site before will know that I have a mod in development... this URL will be the home for my MOD... Half-Life VDC. That is until I get it put up on Half-Life Fusion!

So for all your Half-Life needs, join me and head on over to Half-Life Fusion!

I will be looking for team members at Half-Life Fusion in the near future, so if you think you have something to offer and would like a home in the Half-Life community head on over to Half-Life Fusion and mail me.

|3:29 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Valve have released a patch for Half-Life 1.1. It takes you upto version Get over to fileplanet and get it NOW! The fixes include:

• Fixed performance problem on ATI Rage video cards.
• Fixed 'Unassigned' in scoreboard bug.
• Fixed death messages being delayed when downloading a custom decal.
• Fixed 'Out of Handles' crash on dedicated server.
• Fixed bug where player models would be drawn incorrectly in Team Fortress 1.5
• Fixed fakelag exploit.
• Fixed mmx optimization.
• Restart command fixed on dedicated server.
• Fixed two flags in Dustbowl bug.
• Fixed longjump in Half-Life DM.
• Fixed spectator grenade exploit.
• Fixed changeteam grenade exploit.


Client Files: to (1.6 MB) - Upgrades version to current version (39 MB) - Upgrades any version of Half-Life to current version

  Thursday, June 22, 2000

Updaing the Control Unit...
|7:05 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

If you take a look around the site you will see I have added to the links list and a few other bits... I'm hard at work on some new content for the site so if news is a little slow... bear with it.

Files Unit Updated...
|7:04 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have updated the Files Unit... make sure you take a look... there is some cool tools and all the essential files you will need.

Golden Eye 1.5 Released
|7:03 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Golden Eye mod team have brought you the next version of there mod. Get over to their site and get it now! 18.36 MEGHere is a taste.


1. Added Proximity Mines, Slappers, ZMG, Phantom,
Gold P99, and Silver P99 weapons.
2. Added ge2_museum map.
3. Two new commands "spectate" and "spectateoff"
4. Fixed tons of bugs.


1. Ported the mod to new HL code.
2. All levels recompiled to fix minor issues and add new guns.
3. New sounds for many guns.
4. Tons of other things, just play the mod to see.

Zoners Half-Life Tools 2.1.3
|6:55 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Head over to the WorldCraft Files section to get the latest version of Zoners Half-Life Tools. They include some new features and some fixed ones.

  Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Action for the ActionHLmod team!!!
|0:29 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Whoop! There is a Win32 test version of Action Half-Life beta 3.55. Get over to the teams site to check it out and download it!

Wasteland News...
|0:26 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Some news from the wastes... the following was posted at the Wasteland site, check it out:

McLean, he'll be rounding off the characters for Beta 2 along with Max, the Tribal, the Vault Dweller, Big Tony, and Dieter. Also, the vote's been updated. This time it concerns your favorite weapons in WHL and your favorite play styles!

As for Bartertown, it's been held up due to server problems where I work, and indeed, you might notice the site moving a bit sluggish. It's all temporary, we're moving the site itself to a roomier home. Happy Fragging!

  Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Firearms Development News!!
|7:28 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been over at the Firearms mod site today and seen the following exciting news post:

We are working very hard on release candidate 2.1. And it will feature lots of new things, which I will talk about in the coming days. So be sure to check back anytime soon.

We will also be announcing something very big in the coming days. It will benefit those who's not able to play online. We are very excited about this, and it will make an great addition to the modification.

While bringing back semi / full auto fire modes for the M4 Carbine, we are also giving it double clips instead of the beta c magazine. Christian has been working hard on the new model and its skin.

I can't wait for this news to develop further! Maybe we are going to be seeing some bots or a single player version of Firearms... but who knows?

Counter Strike 6.6a Public Test!
|7:17 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|Source:Planet Half-Life|

Counter Strike 6.6a will be a public test! So get your public 6.6a here. There is a cock up in the .cfg so get this .cfg too! Here is the info...

We're going to do the testing of beta6.6 a bit differently than normal. We're making it publically available for testing. Keep in mind though that this is not an official release yet. There are a few things you should know: Beta6.6 is not compatibile with beta6.5 (there is a new client.dll). Thus, you may want to have two separate installs. You must have 6.5 install before unzipping the 6.6a zip; extract it to your 'cstrike' directory. Please e-mail Cliffe and Gooseman with feedback on 6.6a. Be as specific as possible when reporting bugs. We need to be able to reproduce it! Sorry, no linux server til we know the bugs are worked out. Here's what's new:
BETA 6.6

- added new command 'timeleft'
- fixed stalled connection bug
- new sniper crosshair
- fixes "laggy rifle firing"
- fixed many cheats

New Commands:

{tells you how much time is left on the map}

And you can download it right here.
*Note: The config.cfg in the zip is messed up, use this one instead.

  Monday , June 19, 2000

New Pic of the Week!
|7:22 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have added a new pic of the week! It shows myself using the dark side of the force (bwahahahahaha). I use a 56K modem in the UK to do my Deathmatching... you can see from the picture that I really can be an evil bastard! I hope to write a multiplayer guide soon to help you hone your skills!

A Bug in Zoners Half-Life Tools!!!
|7:11 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have reports that Zoners Half-Life tools 2.1.1 have a bug in them :( It isn't a big bug really but it may be affecting some of you mappers out there. He are the goods:

There are some problems with 2.1.0/2.1.1 and the light bleed fix (esp with things like world brushes 1 unit off the floor, and other mapper tricks to keep r_speeds down). I'm working on getting it totaly perfect (its about 95 done now), but until the meantime you can just use -nobleedfix on the command line to hlrad until 2.1.2 is released.

Carbine Beta Test Site?
|7:07 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Do you want to be a beta tester for the Carbine mod? Would you like to run a beta test site for the carbine mod? Ahhh really.... well, head over to the Carbine Site and check out the infos and details!

Gansta Wars Update...
|6:24 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been informed by Demien of the Gangsta Wars team that they have been hard at work on version 2.5 of their mod. There is lots of news and infos at th mod site. As I understand the team are also looking for some beta testers! Here is a taste...

Once again were back, and sorry for the lack of updates. We have been really busy working on the new v2.5. The good news is that were almost ready for release were just putting everything together and then were gunna beta test.

Drop by the teams site and check it out!

Leon Mod Progress
|6:16 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at the Leon mod site... I have seen they are still looking for a coder... Also their are some new pictures for you poeple to take a look at.

Resident Evil HL
|6:12 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at the Resident Evil site today... there was a large news post on the mod progress here is a taste:

• Working GUI Inventory System and Inventory Objects
• Working File System
• Finished HUD design
• Finished Frontend Menu (except background picture), console and loading screens
• Working Zombie Enemy with models, sounds
• Working Zombie Decapitation, blow off limbs, gore effects and attacks
• Working Melee weapons (Axe, Crowbar, Combat Knife, Metal Bar and ???)
• Working Beretta M92FS, Beretta M92FS Silver Custom, Beretta M92FS Gold Weapons
• Above weapons player and world models
• 9mm clip, 9mm box and 9mm Gold ammunition
• New Sprites, Sounds for all above and new text
• A couple test maps

Get over their and check it out!

Desert Strom News
|6:04 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I was over at the Desert Storm mod site today and they have another new design... this one is very smooth! It really kicks ass in my eyes by the team would like your views on it! I Also saw this:

Just a quick note to you guys to let you know something. Some of the sniper rifles in the mod will be like the one is Soldier Of Fortune. I saw this in action this weekend it looked sweet.

That sounds really cool... so get over their and support them!

Action Team still got bugs!
|5:49 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

It has come to light that the Action Half-Life team still have bugs that are stoping them from releasing the next version of Action Half-Life. I saw this at the mods home page:

Due to some concerns with the weapons (mainly the Akimbos & Handcannon), I've added in support for lag compensation and weapon prediction. All the basics for it have already been done and testing is under way. There are quite a few animation problems with it at the moment, but these will be dealt with shortly, as well as any problems that crop up (ie. Full-auto client side Handcannon... oops).
This means another delay, which I apologise for.
It should be worth it though, so, err, yeah.

I really hope that these bug get straightened out soon! I really miss the game! As I'm sure a lot of people do.

Happy Birthday Counter Strike
|5:43 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

One year ago today Counter Strike was released to the Public. I was over at the Counter Strike site today... there has been a couple of things added to the site to recap on the time gone by... Get over their and check it out!

New Golden Eye FGD
|5:35 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have added the Golden Eye mod teams latest FGD file to the files unit. It will allow you to make maps for Golden Eye 1.5. So get mapping with it!

Golden Eye 1.5?
|5:19 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been over at the Golden Eye site today checking out when beta 1.5 is going to be out. For those who don't know, 1.5 will be compatible with Half-Life 1.1. This is what I saw:

Hello again, I just wanted to inform everyone that we are hard at work on Beta 1.5 and we have just added the Slappers weapon and the Proximity Mines! We also have a new Knife skin done and a new KF7 skin. Plus the DD44 was completely redone and the new animations are quite exciting. The KF7 was also redone and now Bond holds the gun properly.

Be sure to get over to the site and check out the lastest!

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