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  News Library Fifteen - Monday, June 12, 2000 - Sunday, June 18, 2000
  Monday, June 12, 2000

A Long Weekender!
|5:40 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Well... I have taken a long weekend break to test out some new kit and the Half-Life 1.1 patch. I have also had comms problems because of BT.... I hope to back up to full speed by mid week so watch this space!

  Tuesday, June 13, 2000

|7:15 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Today I got my comms back on-line and got some new content together! I will be posting news and updates soon so stay tuned!

  Thursday, June 15, 2000

Half-Life Centre Launch
|4:52 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

A new site in the community! The Half-Life Centre aims to bring you the latest on Half-Life so check them out! They are part of the First Person Shooter Network.

Science & Industry
|4:48 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Soon S&I will have a Half-Life 1.1 compatible version of their mod:

Bad news. We had planned to release a Half-Life 1.1 compatible version of SI today, along with the Half-Life patch itself. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. We came close, but in the end, we couldn't fix all the bugs in time. There were a number of mild bugs (glitches) that we were just going to release in spite of, but then an issue came up where the server would crash when selecting teams at start-up. The crashes are pretty bad, you'll have to reboot your pc if you' re using Windows 98.

That gave us the choice: release beta 0.96 in a hardly working and highly crappy state, or delay a few days and release a proper version. The choice was easy. Believe me, I don't like it anymore than you people, but it's the way it is.

Matrix HL?
|4:27 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Matrix HL reports that they should have a release of their mod ready for Friday that will work with Half-Life 1.1. Also it will contain many bug fixes! Let hope that it improves slightly!

Hostile Territory Screens
|4:19 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at the Hostile Territory Site there have been a few screenshots of some models for the mod and an update letting people know that they are applying the new SDK to their mod.

Golden Eye for HL 1.1?
|11:12 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I believe that the Golden Eye mod team will be releasing a patch for their mod to bring it upto Half-Life 1.1 tonight, Thursday, June 15. I will keep you posted on the developments.

Firearms 2.0 & Fix
|11:08 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

For those who don't know Firearms 2.0 is out. It works with Half-Life 1.1. There is however a bug that has been fixed. So if you have slow movement in your game be sure to download the patch or full version again. Make sure you only use the mirrors from this page tho!

Desert Storm Update
|10:59 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at Desert Storm Site there has been an update on the mods progress. Get over there and check it out!

Counter Strike 6.5 Released
|10:54 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

As you may already know CS 6.5 has been released for use with Half-Life 1.1. If CS is your thang... go check 'em out. There is also reports on a couple of bugs.

Contract Killerz!
|10:50 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at the Contract Killers Site, there are some new screenshots for your viewing pleasure! Also... reports indicate that the mod will be released faily soon. I will keep you posted!

Action HL News!
|10:47 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at Action HL the team are having problems with teamplay bugs:

Damn bugs, I hate em'!

Odd things can sometimes happen in Teamplay, when dealing with the end or start of the round. Sometimes its normal, starts right, ends right and awards the points right. Other times it doesn't start, ends when people are still alive or simply awards the points to the wrong team. Its annoying to say the least. I ended up spending most of my time on the server doing nothing but spectating, trying to track it down.

Lets hope that the Action HL team can get the bugs ironed out and bake a copy of there mod for Half-Life 1.1 :) I will keep you posted.

Half-Life Starwars Shutdown!
|9:21 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Half-Life Starwars has been Shutdown... Lucas has shutdown the up-and-coming mod for Half-Life...

Well, it was fun while it lasted *sigh*. I've received a response to my e-mail to Lucasarts. Well, turns out they want us to shut this thing down...

I'm not sure if the project's dead or not, but I couldn't imagine building this mod under any other name. After all, the basic premise of the design was based upon Star Wars. Why else would a person have supernatural powers to push people? I don't want to turn this in to AD&D ;)

Hmm, well, I won't be here for much longer then... Good luck to y'all.

Zoners Half-Life Tools 2.1.1
|9:18 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Zoner has released the latest version of his wonderful Half-Life tools. Go get 'em.

Goodbye to the Leon Mod!
|9:17 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Hosted site The 'Leon' Mod had moved on... They are now hosted elsewhere. I wish them good luck with their mod. There are always welcome at the HLCU. They can now be found here.

Winamp 2.64
|8:54 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Nulsoft have released Winamp 2.64. I know this isn't Half-Life related news but I know a lot of people out there use winamp and want the latest version. If you want it head over to winamp.com. If you don't know what winamp is then get over there and check it out!

  Friday, June 16, 2000

Cyber Rats Edge of Darkness
|3:16 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Edge of Darkness is a single player add on for Half-Life. I have yet to play through it but from the reviews I have read it sounds well worth the download. Hear is a taste:

At the risk of sounding paid off, ;) I really can't find much to complain about for this one. It's a very well-built pack no matter how you slice it, and it will provide great fun the whole way through. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this is one of the best HL missions I've played to date. Yes, I feel that good about it. What are you waiting for? Download it today!

You can visit Cyber Rats site to get the download link.

Counter Strike Issues...
|3:15 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The CS crew have posted an update on their site about some issues with CS 6.5:

Ok, we just want to let everyone know that we are aware of the connection issues that people are having with 6.5. Gooseman is going through the code and we've spent the last three days testing to find the problem. Gooseman is hoping he can find the problem and get it fixed for 6.6.

Make sure you head over to the CS site and check out the rest!

Carbine Update...
|3:01 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

There have been lots of updates at the Carbine site recently... get over there and check it out! There are some very interesting screens and reports on how the mod is doing.

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