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  Opposing Force - The Story

Your name is Adrian Shepard, its another glorious day training to be a soldier, when your drill Sergeant informs you to head over to the advanced training area. You figure it's just your lucky day and that your hard work has paid off.

Once you complete your advanced training, you are ordered on a real-life, live-fire mission but you haven't been briefed on what it involves. Your 'en route to the LZ and when your troop chopper is attacked by UFO's.

You awake shell-shocked, in some research facility. You have horrible visions of monsters killing your squad and the evidence of death and destruction is all around.

Fight your way out is the only option… it becomes clear to you that your job was to clean up the mess that had been made at the 'Black Mesa Research Facility'… this is what you have been training for…

Teamwork with the remaining survivors is essential to progress, to get away from the living nightmare.

You soon discover that someone called in the special operations unit to help contain the disaster created by Gordon Freeman at the Black Mesa. You are a running target from the monsters and your own race. Where do you turn?

Build your arsenal and kick ass… your going to have to!

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