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  World Craft 3.3 Sneak Preview...

What is WorldCraft 3.3 going to do?

Everyone who has been involved in mapping will know that it takes time, concentration and devotion.

WorldCraft 2.1 was good and I believe that it was the best choice for serious mappers. WorldCraft 2.1 never got out of Beta. There were many bugs and errors that could really piss you off. Vertex Manipulation for example, I'm sure that you have had fun trying to get that to work with out causing lots of 'illegal operations'. There are too many things to list about WorldCraft 2.1 that could have been better… thats in the past now… We should live for the future! WorldCraft 3.3 will change all that!

WorldCraft 3.3

Well, take a look at the screenshots I have put together… [Quite Big Files]. As you can see, not a huge amount has changed on the GUI [Graphical User Interface]. Most of the changes are under the hood, fixed code and new, more powerful functions.

  WC Main  
  WC Main - Full 3D  
  WC Main - Full 3D Mesh  
Click pictures for larger images.

Texture Aligning?

This is soon to be a thing of the past… WorldCraft 3.3 allows you to align textures with minimum hassle. Most of the time one click is all it takes to get it looking spot on. No more hours trying to make it look 'right'. Click here for a picture.

Enhanced 3D View!

WOW… the 3D window is no longer slow and jerky [for those of us who have 3D Acceleration]. Smooth as a smooth sort of smooth thing! You can get a real 'Preview' of what you level is going to look like.

WC Main - Full 3D - Boxes
Click for a larger image

You also get to see what Sprites are going to look like and where there will be displayed. Very cool feature!

Lots more!

There is a lot more to WorldCraft 3.3 that meets the eye… I don't have any more time to spend on previewing it. So All I'll say is "Mappers… Your going to have it a lot better!"

When will I see it?

Not far off now. Valve should be releasing it at the same time, as version but if not then, not long after that.


© 1999-2000 Design & Graphics to Kyle Milnes.