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  WorldCraft - Welcome

Welcome to the WorldCraft Section of the HLCU

Before mapping becomes a reality to you. Follow this guide and you can't go far wrong. I will be putting things in simple terms with graphical representations where needed. No jargon here. Anything remotely more than simple and I will explain in detail. Lets get started…

This is a guide is for people who are new to mapping but want [are willing] to learn what it takes. The infomation in this guide will get you going.

I have put this together so that when I get around to writing tutorials for the site, you can use this as a reference if you get stuck.

The guide I have put together will take a while to learn... If your looking for a reference... browse on through the files until you find what your looking for... most of the files have a contents so you can navigate them.

Credit Where it's Due...

Most of the content in these tutorials that I have put together is Valve's. I have added the links, images and I have added/changed some of the content. The aim is to give beginners an easy to follow on-line reference. Most of the work is from Valve Software. [Respec].

Check List:

Windows 9x, 2000 + 32 MEG RAM.
Half-Life - Patched to Installed with the CD in the drive.
WorldCraft 2.x - Don't have it? WorldCraft 2.0 is on the original Half-Life CD but 2.1 is much better and it is what I have used to make this guide. I strongly recommend that you make the effort to download it and install it.
Zoners Half-Life Tools - Get them now!
1 to 3 hours depending on how fast you take on board info and depending on how far you want to take your mapping experience today.


Tutorial One - Setting it up? Get WorldCraft in gear!
Tutorial Two - Getting to know WorldCraft, its features and functions.
Tutorial Three - Compiling your maps - coming very soon

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