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  Projects - 'Half-Life VDC'

Where shall I start?

I have been playing Half-life since it was released in '98. I have been mapping and learning the way it all works just as long. About 7 months ago I decided that I had enough knowledge to start patching together a 'Modification' for Half-Life.

To start off with I wasn't quite sure about where it was going to go, as I had no real direction... just enough to know that I could make a mod. That's all changed now...

  The Story, So Far

The Black Mesa

Ever wondered what lurks down those dark corners in the Black Mesa... those ones that you just can't reach or squeeze through? Those funny noises that you can't figure out. See the full scale clear-up by the military from behind the scenes. New Looks... New Weapons... New Enemies... New Maps... New Deathmatch Battle Grounds!

This 'Single Player' mod will be called 'VDC' [Very Different Circumstances]. Half-Life VDC starts of in a Research Lab in the Black Mesa. It is much more hi-key and is on Level 6 of the Mesa Facility. When Gordon's antics go off, the team in the lab gets affected very badly. You become a new character called 'Chris Nurding' one of the research scientists. Another dangerous adventure starts.


Well... I have been working along on the story line for about 5 months. A lot of my work has been learning C++ and what does what in the Half-Life source code.

This isn't going to be a small mod! When its finished it will be huge! I have lots of work to do on the music and effects aspects of the mod. So far I have been a one man band, my good friend Craig has given me a lot of good feedback. Mainly on what sort of environments he would like to see. Most of my ideas are my own but I read a lot of the feedback that comes from the gamers out there.


I love the way the Half-Life plays on the net and LAN play is ohhhhha! I use a 56K modem at the moment. That will be changing soon. I think that I can optimise the multiplayer a bit but I really don't know enough about the code yet. I have tweaked the DUN [Dial-up Networking] on my machine and that helps keep my connection more stable but trying to speed up a 56K is damn near impossible.

There will be some new features that I would like to add to multiplayer but they are still on paper. Same as the rest of the Mod.


Well... I don't know. I guess when I'm happy that everything that I wanted to see gets done. Maybe next Christmas time? [2000] But we will see.

Click here to take a look at the Progress of the Mod
Click here for some Screen Shots of the Mod

  Help Wanted!
  My main skills is mapping and 2D Artwork. I cannot create lots of new single player maps without having tested all of the new features I want to add. I would like to hear from programmers and modellers that are interested in persuing the same goals as I, so I can get on with some hardcore mapping! Contact me.

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