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  News Library Fourteen - Monday, June 5, 2000 - Sunday, June 11, 2000
  Monday, June 5, 2000

Pic of the Week!
|11:18 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have added a new 'Pic Of The Week'. It was submited to me from a local friend who is working on a mod for Half-Life. Check it out! :)

The HLCU Welcomes the Leon Mod!
|9:55 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The HLCU has its first hosted site… The Leon Mod. As you can see from the post earlier today… the mod is based on the Film 'Leon'. Get over to the site and check them out. It looks like a real cracker!

Note: They are looking for team members. Check it out!

Half-Life Patch?
|9:48 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Reports show that the patch might be delayed further still, but I haven't had any official word… so lets hope for the best! I'll post a URL on the site ASAP!

The PC Doctor Is Back!
|9:40 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The PC Doctor is back after an afternoon of diagnosing ill PC's and fixing them…

You can see I have added a couple of sections to the site…

Interview Section - This is where you can find interview that the HLCU has posted!

Miscellaneous Guides Section - This is where you can find miscellaneous guides for non-Half-Life related stuff… mostly tutorials on how to do things with your PC and web pages. Not much here yet. Say tuned…

Called Out!
|4:31 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been called out to fix a PC, I will try to upload all the new content to the site tonight but if not, it will be tomorrow. I'll also try to get a URL for Half-Life

News from the Wastes…
|8:25 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Wasteland Mod team have updated their site, they are now running other Wasteland site for your viewing pleasure. Get over there and check 'em out!

Stargate HL Mod News
|8:18 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Stargate Mod team have updated their site with a large news post. It covers a few issues on the mod and welcomes some new members. Go take a look.

Science & Industry Mod News
|8:14 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The S&I Mod Team have updated with some news. There is also info's and shots on a new weapon model. Go check it out.

Resident Evil HL Mod News
|8:09 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Resident Evil Mod team have updated their pages with some news and screenshots from there up and coming mod. Be sure to check them out!

Matrix HL Mod News
|8:04 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been over to the Matrix HL site and seen that they now have a 'Known Bugs' section on the site… So check there before you submit your bugs. Also there is news on what the team are doing to improve there next release of the Mod.

Jumbot Mod News
|7:59 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

JumMaps has reopened and is doing JRF/map reviews again. Jump over there and check out the Action.

HL Matrix Member
|7:55 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been over to the HL Matrix Mod Site. It has news of a new member on their team. The HL Matrix Mod team are still looking for very skilled coders to help with their modification to Half-Life so get over there if you have what it takes.

Golden Eye News
|7:50 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

There is a News post over at the Golden Eye Mod site. It has info on new models and re-worked models for Beta 2. Check it out.

Contract Killer Update
|7:46 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over at the Contract Killer Mod site, there has been a post of news on there Beta and some screenshots! Worth Checking out!

Leon Mod Team Need Help!
|7:39 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Over the weekend, I have been in talking with the Leon Mod Team. They really need some help with there mod, which you can probably guess… It's based on the Film 'Leon'. If you haven't seen this film then you should stop what your doing, GO, buy it now!

It turns out that the team need:

Sound Engineer

So if you think you can fill any of these roles get over to there site and let them know about it!

  Tuesday, June 6, 2000

|5:07 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I don't know what is happening with Half-Life As soon as I know I post it up here :)

Files Section Update
|5:07 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have updated the Files Section of the HLCU with the latest versions. I have also added files, so get in there.

Jumbot 1.9
|2:12 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been over to the Jumbot Site to find a new version of the Jumbot. It vastly improved so if you have Jumbot get the latest version here.

• General bot movement is now smoother and more human-like (optional with the bot_smoothnav cvar).
• Bot aiming has been tweaked to look more smooth and human-like as well.
• Moving platform/better lift support has been added.
• Fixed up the horrible, horrible FOV code (which also fixed a bug with turret usage).
• Many things have been done to drastically increase the speed of the bot (CPU-wise).
• Skill 4 bots no longer have absolutely perfect accuracy (it was beginning to annoy even me).
• Bots strafe in combat more intelligently.
• Bots don't get added in waypoint edit mode.
• Fixed up the strafe-troubleshoot routine.
• Fixed up tracking-of-immediate-enemy routine.
• Changed method of getting items.
• Fixed a possible cause for program crashing.

Half-Life Delayed Again!
|0:18 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Reports tell me that the patch is 'NOT' being released yet… I'll keep you posted! I hope that it will be tomorrow!

  Thursday, June 8, 2000 - Complete

WorldCraft 3.3 URL
|6:30 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

This is what a lot of you have been waiting for... so go get it!

  • WorldCraft 3.3 [2M]

Half-Life SDK 2.0 URL's
|6:25 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

  • Standard SDK 2.0 [15.8M]
  • Full SDK 2.0 [60M]

Half-Life URL's
|6:17 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The patch is either 22M or 40M depending on what version you have. The smaller patch will upgrade and the larger patch will upgrade any Half-Life installation. Choose a link...

  • FilePlanet
  • 3D Unlimited
  • 3D Action Gamers
  • Half-Life.net
  • Stomped
  • Games Centre

|6:08 PM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

As some of you may know... the patch is now out there and you can download it... if you can find a working link that is. I cannot find any as yet :( Its too busy at the moment. I will post links once I know they work.

Half-Life Starwars?
|6:03 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Another multiplayer mod for Half-Life. This time its all a bit Jedi flavoured. HL Starwars... If you like Half-Life & Starwars... then get over to this mod teams page to find out how they are going to improve your gaming experience.

Desert Storm Revamp!
|5:58 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Desert Storm mod have redesigned their site... get over there to check out the latest on Desert Storms!

Contract Killer Update...
|5:50 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

The Contract Killer mod have updated their site... there is some new pic's and info's for you to check out!

Project Work!
|4:58 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

I have been working hard on my projects, thus didn't update or post anything yesterday... the patch release is dawning on us... stay frosty people!

Half-Life Complete
|3:27 AM|GMT|Killa-Kyle|

Half-Life 1.1 is finsished... it should be avaliable about midday today [June 8th]. In conjunction with the patch release we will also seeing the following:

   Team Fortress Classic 1.5
   WorldCraft 3.3
   Counter Strike 6.5 Beta
   Half-Life SDK 2.0 (Standard & Full)
   Opposing Force CTF
   Firearms 2.0

There will be two different downloads available:

  1. 1016 - 1100 (23 MEG) - This will allow you to upgrade upto
  2. hl1100 (40 MEG) - This will allow you to upgrade from any version.

There is also evidence to show that Valve will be releasing a mod for Half-Life. WOW! Cool... lets hope its out soon!

So, this is great news for the Half-Life community... I hope that everything goes smoothly this time. I will post URL's to the locations of the patch ASAP :)

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